I've wanted to paint this model for a while now but honestly, the amount of detail has been putting me off. The Lord Relictor is littered with amazing little intricate details like candles and bones. The sculpt is really layered too with segmented armour and lowing tapestries. The only way to paint a model like this is in sub-assemblies. Read on to see how I approached this. 

Hi all! Today I would like to show you my current project: An Imperial Knight of the Adeptus Ministorum. I used a small building from Morr's Garden and parts of the Imperial Sector structures to create a unique machine. I will intergrate Redemptor Kyrinov, an Acolyth and the Geminae Superior to realize my idea. Now it's time for the planned new Sisters of Battle!

What do you think and who else is waiting for some new Sororitas? Leave a comment below...

Following up The Eldar Sketchbook, which was only available on Games Workshop store birthdays in limited quantities, we were now treated with The Eldar Collection, a two-volume tome containing the Asuryani (Craftworlds) and Drukhari (Dark Eldar) concept art by design legend Jes Goodwin. In this review, we check out the contents of both books, including the expanded sections in the Asuryani Sketchbook and surprises like Exodite and Ynnari artworks.

I'm enjoying the benefits of using a grip to paint with. The lack of paint rub on the edges of the model   means no more annoying touch ups. I've been making slow progress on this model but there isn't much more left to do. I need to edge highlight the yellow, paint the face and hair and pick out some of the ornaments in gold. After this model I just have one model left to paint to complete the Shadespire boxed game.

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